Washington 16, USC 13

In college football on September 21, 2009 at 9:38 pm

USC v Washington

I saw the last 12 or so minutes of Washington’s pulsating defeat of USC this past Saturday. Quarterback Jake Locker did a solid job leading the Dawgs to victory. The last time I saw him play was in 2007, when the Huskies visited Hawaii and lost to the Warriors, 35—28. In that game, Locker made several big plays, but he looked a lot steadier versus the Trojans. The West Coast’s answer to Tim Tebow appears to be throwing with much more confidence and accuracy. With momentum on their side, 24th ranked Washington now travels to Stanford for a very winnable game.

Random notes: It’s always fun to witness the joy of football fans as they storm the field following a big victory. Within that rush of humanity, a handful of crazies always make their way to the goalposts with the intention of tearing it down, but not at Husky Stadium. Did you notice how sturdy those crossbars looked? There were a couple of guys perched on it, but there was no way that thing was coming down. It looked like it was built using several reinforced, steel I-beams.

Was it me or did Coach Steve Sarkisian bark at the poor on-field television reporter during the post-game festivities, yelling out something like, “Come on!” at point blank range. I can only assume that coach Sarks’ patience was wearing thin as he waited to be interviewed. Do you blame him? I’d either want to celebrate with my team or leave the field before I got trampled.

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